Get Loose!

Bondage Jeopardy Movies

Generation Hex (2022). A devious plan is unraveled at a Halloween party.

Featuring Johnathan, Justin, Richard and Kevin Ryder.

The Chase (2020). A pair of burglars fight each other to keep all the goods for themselves.

Featuring Austin and Oliver.

Are You Still Tied Up II (2020). Jean loves to have visitors - especially when they stay a long, long time.

Featuring Cody, Jason and Jean.

The Possessed (2020). Three friends hold a seance and bring a deranged criminal into their group.

Featuring Austin, Carson and Justin.

Signed and Sealed (2019). When Jason shows up unexpectedly while Cody and Oliver are trying out their new gifts, they rope him into the action.

Featuring Jason, Oliver and introducing Cody.

Max Control (2019). Justin has a smart home and a new "Smart Guy", Max, who obeys all his commands - until someone reprograms him.

Featuring Austin, Justin and Max.

Double Bind (2019). A special mirror has the power to summon people's doubles from another dimension.

Featuring Oliver, Paul, Kevin Ryder and introducing Carson.

Dirty Tricks (2019). An attack staged as a joke leads to a series of tricks and reprisals.

Featuring Jason, Justin and Loren.

Burglar's Double Cross (2019). A burglar is double crossed by his partner.

Featuring Austin, Jason and Oliver.

Are You Still Tied Up? (2019). Paul runs into the tormentor of his youth and finds nothing has changed.

Featuring Jean and Paul.

One Good Turn (2019). A young doctor invites home a patient with no place to stay.

Featuring Austin, Justin and Oliver.

Spiral Switch (2019). Loren uses a special video to put Paul and Jason under his influence.

Featuring Jason, Loren and Paul.

Ambushed (2019). An attacker pretends to deliver pizza to gain entry to a house and torment the occupants.

Featuring Jean, Justin and Max.

Bound for All Seasons (2019). A photographer coerces a former model to be in his new calendar.

Featuring Austin, Kevin Ryder and Paul.

Alec's Target (2019). Alec tries to turn his pursuit of Jason into a reality.

Featuring Alec and Jason.

Bagged (2019). A bounty hunter lures and captures a European operative to ship him overseas.

Featuring Jason, Justin and Kevin Ryder.

The Collector (2019). Young men are taken by a mysterious attacker.

Featuring Austin, Max, Paul and Kevin Ryder.

A Latex Christmas (2018). An action figure comes to life at Christmastime.

Featuring Blake, Carter and Jackson.

Alec's Revenge (2018). Alec takes matters into his own hands after Jean turns down his advances.

Featuring Alec, Jean and Oliver.

Mask of Fear (2018). A Halloween story becomes frighteningly real.

Featuring Austin, Justin and Max.

Sock Attack (2018). Loren introduces Jason to his sock fetish.

Featuring Jason and Loren.

Too Damn Hot (2018). Three friends get out of the summer heat and create heat of their own.

Featuring Alec, Justin and introducing Max.

Paul Meets Evan (2018). Things get hot and heavy when Paul asks Evan to pretend to break into his house.

Featuring Evan and Paul.

Oliver's Birthday (2018). It's Oliver's birthday and everyone joins in the party.

Featuring Jason, Oliver and Paul.

The Big Game (2018). In town for the big game, three friends play their own game instead.

Featuring Alec, Connor and Paul.

JeopardyCare (2018). A maniac posing as a home health care worker torments a patient.

Featuring Austin, Jeremy and Oliver.

Rent Control (2018). An apartment with a suspiciously low rent has a landlord with a devious plan.

Featuring Ethan, Jason and Justin.

Contact Counselor II (2018). In this sequel to No Degrees of Separation, Justin and Oliver see a counselor who gives them "forced contact" therapy.

Featuring Austin, Justin and Oliver.

Caught on Video (2018). Ethan shanghaies the producer when another actor is needed.

Featuring Ethan and Kevin Ryder.

Adventures of the Night Clerk (2018). A hotel clerk finds trouble when he blows off work.

Featuring Alec, Justin and Paul.

Room at the Inn (2017). Two guys discover their mutual love of bondage when they're forced to share a hotel room on Christmas Eve.

Featuring Jason and Paul.

You Bet (2017). Ethan lures Jason into bondage through a series of bets.

Featuring Ethan and Jason.

Wishing and Roping (2017). In this sequel to Be Careful What You Wish For, Justin reads a book that gives him the power to wish guys into bondage.

Featuring Jeremy, Justin and Oliver.

Haunted II (2017). Some things should never be set free...

Featuring Jason, Zane and introducing Daniel.

Stop Touching Me (2017). Bickering brothers are tormented by an old schoolmate who wants revenge.

Featuring Kevin, Patrick and Paul.

Going Under (2017). A young swimmer gets in over his head.

Featuring Charles Austin and Christopher Champaign.

Forget Me Knot (2017). He won't remember a thing.

Featuring Alec and Jean.

Daylight Robbery (2017). A pair of burglars choose the wrong house to rob.

Featuring Ethan, Zane and introducing Oliver.

Mischief Maker (2017). Justin schemes to get his friends into bondage.

Featuring Justin, Kevin, Patrick and introducing Elliott.

Wicked Weekend (2017). Zane's jealous lover kidnaps his ex so they can work out their issues.

Featuring Connor, Ethan and Zane.

No Degrees of Separation (2017). A troubled couple visits a therapist who prescribes "forced contact" treatment.

Featuring Alec, Austin and Jeremy.

Crossed Up (2017). A mistaken delivery leads to trouble when the owner comes looking for it.

Featuring Jeremy, Justin and Raleigh.

Bondage Dream (2017). Eric loves bondage, but is it real or a dream?

Featuring Ethan, Kevin, Patrick and introducing Eric.

Unspoken (2016). Some desires can't be put into words.

Featuring Austin and introducing Tyler.

RansomWare (2016). Cyber criminals prey on young men.

Featuring Austin, Justin and introducing Zane.

Midnight's Captive (2016). A young man is bound to repeat the past.

Featuring Austin and Ethan.

Hunting Paul (2016). Paul and Kyran are captured by a bounty hunter with unusual methods.

Featuring Kyran, Paul and River.

Power Couple (2016). Jason and Loren recruit Jean for their bondage games, but he tricks them.

Featuring Jason, Jean and Loren.

House Arrest 3 (2016). Ethan's involved in another home invasion, but which side is he on?

Featuring Ethan, Julian and introducing River.

Unfortunate Son (aka Unfortunate Stepson) (2016). A father decides he's had enough when his no-good son becomes involved with a criminal.

Featuring Jean, Justin, Kevin Ryder, and introducing Kyran.

Under Pressure (2016). Raleigh wants to keep his bondage fetish secret, but Justin doesn't care.

Featuring Justin and Raleigh.

Shadow Knight (2016). From the shadows, a hero will rise.

Featuring Julian, Kevin Ryder, Paul and thesidekink.

Twisted Reunion (2016). A robber and his victim realize they know each other.

Featuring Austin and Raleigh.

Video Capture (2016). A video chat turns dangerous when an intruder takes over.

Featuring Kevin, Patrick and Zack.

Gotcha (2016). Jean and Cody trade off in a game of surprise and capture.

Featuring Cody and Jean.

Too Close (2016). Roommates are attacked by an intruder, and Ethan is upset at the intimate bondage positions the intruder puts them in and at Paul's willingness to cooperate.

Featuring Connor, Ethan and Paul.

Spiral (2016). A special video turns guys into bondage-crazed zombies.

Featuring Jake, Kevin and Patrick.

Be Careful What You Wish For (2016). Jesse finds he has the power to wish guys into bondage, but he has to use it wisely.

Featuring Connor, Jesse and Justin.

Obsessed II (2015). A wealthy software designer invites a high school friend over for drinks, but he has a secret motive.

Featuring Justin and Skylar.

Caught Off Guard (2015). A pop star and a fan are caught by kidnappers posing as bodyguards.

Featuring Ethan, Jayden, Jesse and Mike.

House of Shadows (2015). Five strangers become captives in a mysterious house.

Featuring Austin, Ethan, Jeremy, Raleigh and Skylar.

Catch and Release (2015). The chase is on as two slackers go on the run from a mysterious group trying to capture them.

Featuring Dante, Donovan, Slade Lycan, Rex, Lex, Bobby and Kevin Ryder.

Sealing the Deal (2015). A man is tempted to sell out his friend for a price.

Featuring Billy, Dare, Justin and Paul.

Surprise Package (2015). Kevin and Patrick try to rope Austin into their games.

Featuring Austin, Kevin and Patrick.

For Love or Money (2015). Billy and Paul play, but then Billy has to pay.

Featuring Billy, Justin, Mike and Paul.

House Arrest 2 (2015). Ethan is attacked again in his new home.

Featuring Ethan, Jesse, Mike and Skylar.

Tying the Knot (2015). Wedding plans reveal a love triangle.

Featuring Dare, Raleigh and Skylar.

Listen to Me (2015). Billy and Finn get tied up with their own headphones when they won't turn off their music.

Featuring Billy, Finn and Skylar.

Behind His Back (2015). Cheaters never win.

Featuring Justin, Kevin, Patrick and Skylar.

House Arrest (2015). Ethan's home, but he's not alone.

Featuring Ethan and Skylar.

Private Visions (2015). A veteran returns home, but he's become a different person.

Featuring Ethan, Justin and Mike.

Suite Captivity (2015). Three guys on a party weekend play a prank on hotel housekeeping, but the joke's really on them.

Featuring Justin, Kevin and Patrick.

Hostile Takeover (2015). Trouble begins when a business deal goes bad.

Featuring Connor, Ethan and William.

Silent Night (2014). You'd better not shout... Santa Claus is coming.

Featuring Santa and Skylar.

Bad Cop (2014). You have the right to remain silent.

Featuring Connor, Tim and Tynan Fox.

The Switch (2014). It's dangerous to play with toy handcuffs.

Featuring Kevin, Patrick and Skylar.

Devil's Creek (2014). Give the devil his due.

Featuring Ethan, Justin and Tim.

Art Trouble (2014). A guy tricks his friend into being a model for his art project.

Featuring Ethan and Justin.

Crossing the Line (2014). Three friends cross paths with a very unfriendly neighbor.

Featuring Billy, Kevin, Patrick and Travis.

Do What I Say (2014). A guy puts his friend under his control by using a special video.

Featuring Mike and Skylar.

Dangerous Game (2014). A burglar gets caught by the wrong couple - they like to make him watch them.

Featuring Kevin, Patrick and Skylar.

Sandman Forever (2014). The Sandman saga continues.

Blackout (2014). Several guys are lured to an old building where they're watched and controlled by mysterious figures.

Plumber's Captive (2014). A robber poses as a plumber to gain entrance to an apartment and torment the occupant.

Leather Underground (2014). A text message opens the door to a shadowy world of leather. and bondage.

Spring Break (2014). A party trip takes an unexpected turn.

Kept (2014). A kidnapper also grabs a meter reader who gets too curious.

The Impostor (2014). Would you put yourself in your friend's place?

Obsessed (2014). A young man, secretly obsessed with his childhood friend's big brother, stages a reunion with him.

Big Man Off Campus (2014). Meddling students get in a little too deep.

Good News (2014). A missionary finds himself in an unexpected position.

I Can Do That (2014). An innocent boast leads to trouble for everyone.

Do Not Disturb (2013). You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

Squirm (2013). Revenge can be scary.

Starstruck (2013). Lights . . . camera . . . abduction!

Road's End (aka Dead End) (2013). A road trip takes a dangerous turn.

The Champion (2013). When evil strikes, a hero must rise.

Outlaw's Kiss (2013). A young man is taken captive in this surreal Western.

Keep Him Quiet (2013). A nosy reporter is silenced.

Rebound (2013). How can you escape someone who won't let go?

Secret Society (2013). These secrets should stay hidden.

Strapped (2013). Some debts you can't escape.

Nowhere to Hide (2013). Bounty hunters go after a bail jumper.

Valentied (2013). Romance, ropes and revenge.

Dark Vision (2013). An investigator must go inside the mind of another.

Breakout (2013). An escaped convict takes some prisoners of his own.

Somebody's Watching (2012). Sometimes a picture isn't enough.

Yule Tied (2012). A mysterious visitor makes things knotty and nice.

Creative Control (2012). Getting inspiration from a dangerous source.

Hellbound (2012). The road to hell is shorter than you think.

Treasure Hunt (2012). An online treasure hunt leads straight to trouble.

Hitchhiker's Odyssey (2012). Sometimes the most dangerous path is the way home.

Rope Dreams 2 (2012). A man secretly longs to be bound and dominated by his best friend.

Broke (2012). The only way for Zack to pay his debts is to become someone else's property.

Spy-Napped 3: Sleeper Agents (2012). Captured spies become pawns in a battle for total domination.

Wild Night (2012). A party gets out of hand, and there is a price to pay the morning after.

Dial K for Kidnapping (2012). Wrong place, wrong time, wrong number ...

Double Cross (2012). Lust and greed lead to betrayal.

Never Let You Go (2012). Passion turns into dangerous obsession.

Missing Person (2012). A detective takes a kidnapping case where nothing is as it seems.

Power Struggle (2012). Heroes fight a diabolical mastermind.

Wasteland (2011). Post-apocalyptic gangs hunt for slaves.

Rope Dreams (2011). A look inside a shy young man's fears and fantasies.

Camp Fear (2011). A crew of young men disappear one by one at an abandoned summer camp.

Silenced Witness (2011). A crime boss is determined to keep some informants quiet.

The Audition (2011). Would-be models are caught off camera.

Tie Game (2011). Two friends make a bondage bet.

Uninvited (2011). A stranger secretly watches a couple's bondage games then decides to take control of them.

Skate-Napped (2011). Two skaters are abducted and abused.

Black Ops (2011). Enemy agents set elaborate traps for each other.

Tested (2011). A student signs up for an unusual experiment.

Bad Neighbor (2011). You can't always trust the boy next door.

Trespasser (2011). A building owner finds his own way to punish an intruder . . .

Alien Invasion (aka Alien Abduction) (2011). Extra-terrestrial visitors capture human subjects . . .

Roommate Revenge (2011). Three roommates, shifting alliances and a lot of rope . . .

Scenes from The Roundup (2010). Cowboys rope each other in the Wild West. (NOTE: This version of The Roundup is an edited version containing scenes from the original.  It doesn't contain any scenes that weren't in the original version.)

The Sandman Returns (2010). The Sandman seeks more young men.

Haunted (2010). Held captive in a haunted house.

Spy-Napped (2010). Secret agents taken prisoner.

Strip Poker (2010). Winner takes all in this bondage game.

The Sandman (2010). A stranger stalks young men by night.

Wicked Stepbrother (2010). A jealous stepbrother hatches a devious kidnapping plot.

Frat Hazing (aka KO Hazing) (2010). The Kappa Omega pledges endure spanking, tickling, bondage and humiliation in their quest to join the frat.

Spellbound (2010). A young man becomes the center of a supernatural battle.

Breaking In (2009). Young delinquents discover crime does not pay.

Roommate Wars (2009). Roommates outdo each other in an escalating bondage battle.

Jock-Napped 2 (2009). A gambling ring abducts athletes.

Captivated (2009). Members of a boy band are held for ransom.

Power Play (2008). Masked heroes caught by an evil mastermind.

Lights Out (2008). Scott is physically and mentally dominated.

Car Trouble (2008). Hitchhikers take a wrong turn.

Jock-Napped (2008). Amateur detectives look for abducted athletes.