Tickled by Chance

Project Manticore
A superhero tries to escape from the scientists who created him.

Endurance Test
Backwoods survivalists capture three friends.

The Champion in "Primeval"
The Champion battles a monster in the wilderness.

Nikos the Jungle Boy
A young explorer joins forces with a mysterious hero in the Amazon jungle.

The Champion
With one magic word, Tommy Tyler becomes the super-powered Champion.

Power Nap
The heroes battle an enemy who can control their dreams.

Virtual Prisoner
Trapped in virtual reality.

School of Hard Knots
Welcome to Marlinspike Academy, where the students major in getting tied up.

Heroes on Ice
A Christmas caper spells trouble for Blackbird and his fellow heroes.

Dial K for Kidnapping
Amateur detectives get in over their heads.

Power Couple
Power Boy and Blackbird go undercover.

Vicious Cycle, Part 1
A champion cyclist is abducted.

Vicious Cycle, Part 2
Rescue and revenge.

Power Trip
Power Boy and Blackbird try to have a romantic getaway but end up prisoners of a criminal mastermind.

Bachelor Party
Greg is about to tie the knot, and his rowdy buddies celebrate by tying him up.

Alien Invasion
Alien pirates capture young men for their interstellar slave market.

The Knot Before Christmas
Unsuspecting college kids get knotty and nice.